Culture for Citizenship - Join in!

       Capacity Development & Cultural Exchange

Coordinator: Eya Chebbi

"Capacity Development" is a series of trainings offered by Cultural for Citizenship to its members in order to develop the skills they already possess and to effectively manage their projects.The trainings are a continuous process by which the members and leaders of different projects unleash, strengthen, create, adopt and maintain capacity over time.

"Cultural Exchange"
is an ongoing process through which we support intercultural dialogue. We offer the framework for our members to meet with their peers, having different backgrounds, culture and language and enable them to build common projects.

Tunisian young artists meeting with Polish artists
   April 1st, 2012 at Hotel Tunisie Palace

   The meeting has gathered 18 amateur artists with three young Polish artists:

  Lude Réno /Piotr Cykowski/ Marta Górska

Marta Górska – journalist, radio producer, cultural animator; cooperate also with two Polish foundations: The Other Space Foundation, Foundation Africa Another Way and is a member of Informal Polish - Tunisian Forum. Her main interest is Middle East and North Africa; its politics, transformation, culture, especially on the field of women’s rights and freedom of speech. She also supports Arab rock and metal scene as activist and manager of Lebanese metal band Blaakyum.

Lude Réno : Born in Martinique, raised in France, started his career as a trainee for the French television channel Trace TV. After a few months of training he began working as a correspondent in Central and Eastern Europe. Lude was involved in several artistic movies such as "WWA in My Head" and an adaptation of the French play "Louise elle est Folle" by Leslie Kaplan. He is also known as a script-writer for tv and lately for features films. In his free time he's also collaborates with foundations, doing workshop (video, foto, project creation itp). A translator in Polish, French, English, Spanish, Creole. A radio animator (Radiostacja, Radio Kampus) and a actor (Usta Usta, Układ Warszawski, Hotel 52). To sum up, in order to define the complexe activity of Lude Reno, it is easier to consider him a "Cultivateurs de Ponts" artistiques.

  10:30-12 am : Introduction
Presentation of "culture for Citizenship" and the project of Art Network by: Mohamed Jridi and Haifa Fersi
Presentation of The Other Space Foundation ( ) by Piotr Cykowski
   Coffee Break
  12:15- 2:15 : Workshop
Tunisian and Polish artists have been divided into three groups. Each group has chosen 3 main issues that concern Tunisian's current situation. The three groups highlighted issued such as poverty, education, access to culture, religion and human rights.Then, groups have switched the chosen issues and therefore each group has been working on a project that links up the 3 main issues that their friends have stressed out.
   3:15- 4:45 Presentations
Three great initiatives have been presented as art street events that can have the impact from a local level (Tunisia) to an international level (in partnership with Polish artists).
Back to the larger circle ,Tunisians and Polish have worked together on the planning of a Street Art event from the preparation to the evaluation of the project.
   Coffee break
  5pm - 6pm: Street Art Workshop
Piotr Cykowski shared Polish concrete events of Art Street and campaigns, ta
ckling different issues that have been realized in Poland and all over the world.