Culture for Citizenship - Join in!


mission Statement:
Mission Statement Steps
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  1. The goal of this non-profit organization is to promote human rights and active citizenship through cultural activities and events.

  2. The organization is led by a board of directors who are also the founders. The board is constituted of:

  3. - The president: SSoumaia boughanmi Boughanmi
  4. - The vice-president: Haifa Fersi
  5. - The secretary general: Basma Azizi
  6. - The treasurer: Imene Ben Fraj

  • The board of directors are elected for one year renewable in a general meeting attended by the members.

  • Every member in the organization is required to pay a symbolic sum of 5 dinars.

  • Types of Members:

  • - Working members: They are assigned specific and clear roles and are in charge of the active members.

  • - Active members: They regularly help the working members do their tasks and can substitute for them. They can also run for the next elections as well as the working members if the latter recommend them.

  • - Participating members: They receive regular e-mails and notifications about various activities which they can take part in or attend. Entrance is free in most events but when it is not, participant members are not required to pay tickets. However, they are required to register via phone or e-mail.

  • The members whose membership or participation cards are paid are invited via e-mail to the general meeting held in April every year. The e-mails are sent two weeks perior to the meeting.